Thursday, 1 July 2010

KryKey v3.0 Part 1

We at KryKey have now past an important milestone in the process of the development of Version 3.0, the new version of KryKey. That milestone is the move of the existing service to new servers which have faster CPU's, bigger Hard Drives, more RAM and now running Windows Enterprise Server 2008 and SQL Enterprise 2008. This milestone has halved our costs and with those savings we have commissioned new servers for the 3.0 version.

The next stage is the addition of the advertising system being introduced into the existing version which will bring in revenue for the first time and also let radio station owners make money after all costs are covered including royalties for songs played. Each radio station will be paid 25% of what remains and the other remaining 75% will be immediately used for the developing costs of the 3.0 version.

So what will you see with the new 3.0 version? Over the next few days we will start releasing features and specifications and other information on the new 3.0 version. Starting today we will list some one of these new features.
  • Show Recorder - radio stations will be able to record, manage and share shows they play. The standard recorded show length will be 65 minutes. The current plan is to let each radio station record and store a maximum of 25 shows, although this may change before release. Longer shows can be recorded but will incur a small monthly fee. The addition of a 'Show Library' will help manage and store these recorded shows and another tab will be introduced with the existing tabs on the right hand side of the Studio which will slide open so shows can be dragged into the 'Play/Schedule Area'. As mentioned 'recorded shows' can be shared so other radio stations can also play them.
If you are a radio station owner and have feedback on the Show Recorder feature, please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

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