Friday, 2 July 2010

KryKey v3.0 Part 2

Yesterday we wrote about one of our new features in the next version of KryKey 3.0 which was called the 'Show Recorder" and it is a feature that lets radio stations record and share shows. Today we report on another feature called "Studio Messenger".
  • Studio Messenger - this feature in the Studio will let radio stations send messages to each other and also will let the KryKey Administrators send messages to the radio stations. A new button will be added to the Studio and this will 'flash' when a new message arrives to be read. Clicking this button will take the DJ to the 'Studio Message Library' (SML) where new messages can be read, messages can be deleted (only 15 messages will be held and as new ones arrive, old ones are removed automatically) and messages can be composed and sent to either the KryKey Administrators or selected radio stations (only one radio station can be sent a message anytime to stop spamming). The Studio Message Library will also receive information on any shared Playlists, Podcasts and Record Shows (this will display only 15 of the latest shared content).
If you are a radio station owner and have feedback on the Studio Messenger feature, please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Please note: all ideas and concepts are the copyright of KryKey (c) 2010

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