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Top 10 KryKey Internet Radio Stations - 3rd July 2010

Top 10 KryKey Internet Radio Stations
3rd July 2010

"Red Babe" from Belarus leaped back into the the number one position this week from 4th last week, with "Handsat 7elwan" from Egypt entering the Top 10 for the first time at number nine from the previous week's position of thirty seven. Listener numbers were down this week due to the World Cup (Soccer) and we also asked radio stations not to upload any music while we were transferring the system to the new servers which we hope to have completed today.
  1. Red Babe
    (Minsk, Belarus) : last week #4 (+3)
  2. Mariah Carey MC Radio
    (Limassol, Cyprus) : last week #1 (-1)
  3. Nader Nour Lovers
    (Cairo, Egypt) : last week #2 (-1)
  4. Froes Rock
    (Sao Paulo, Brazil) : last week #3 (-1)
  5. The King Mounir
    (Nasr City, Egypt) : last week #5 (0)
  6. Anna Vissi Radio
    (Athens, Greece) : last week #6 (0)
  7. 2nd Floor Basement Radio
    (Winston-Salem, USA) : last week #8 (+1)
  8. Red Babe II
    (Minsk, Belarus) : last week #7 (-1)
  9. Handsat 7elwan
    (Cairo, Egypt) : last week #46 (+37)
  10. DSL Radio
    (New York, USA) : last week #26 (+16)

    and the KryKey Internet Radio Stations that are from positions 11 to 20 :

  11. Jazz & Bossa (Puerto Rico)
  12. Big Apple Radio (Poland)
  13. Beyonce Queen B Radio (Cyprus)
  14. Eva Simantov (Tunisia)
  15. Synth Express (Brazil)
  16. BGizlet (Bulgaria)
  17. MiDoHits (Egypt)
  18. Silven Media Pop (Bulgaria)
  19. Radio Sahrina (Egypt)
  20. Silven Media (Bulgaria)
As always you can go to and listen to any of these radio stations displayed above (or create your own) or hundred's on the KryKey Internet Radio Network (part of the KryKey Web Radio Media Group).

You can see this week's Top 10 KryKey Internet Radio Stations video only on You Tube

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