Saturday, 3 July 2010

KryKey v3.0 Part 3

So far we have discussed and reported on two of the new features in the KryKey 3.0 Version currently under development; Show Recorder and Studio Messenger. Today we will discuss the 'SoundCloud Library'.
  • SoundCloud Library - for those who haven't heard about SoundCloud, it is a current service that offers artists the ability to upload and store music they have created and then offer it for download and of course listening. What we have found out is that some artists upload their music to this service and then also have to upload the same music to their KryKey Internet Radio Station and in effect doing the same thing twice. So KryKey is adding a SoundCloud Library which will be like the current Music Library or Podcast Library, where the radio station owners can add SoundCloud music addresses and then be able to drag 'n' drop them into the Play/Schedule Area just like they do for songs, podcasts, promos etc. The net effect is that radio station owners and DJs who operate the Studio will have another source of content to stream to their listeners.
If you are a radio station owner and have feedback on the SoundCloud Library feature, please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Please note: all ideas and concepts
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