Saturday, 21 January 2012

Post Of The Week On The KryKey Forum

The post of the week is by "Nation Radio Station" in the KryKey Forum (

Generosity....Okay it might not be what you was expecting to see. but we share a common ground, we love KryKey. We all want it to continue and lets face it the CEO does go beyond the call of duty to help in anyway possible. Lets get to the facts. Fact is KryKey could charge like most of the similar sites do... Fact is they don't and There are lots of really cool stations on here who give their time for nothing and would never ask for anything in return, much like KryKey.

For the few people that are still reading this, here is the plan provide a night of entertainment and in return a small donation to the KryKey platform.

Here's another fact KryKey is giving generously to you in that it provides many hours of extremely talented dj's and asks for nothing in return.

Our stance in all this? well we just joined the network and we are stunned by the service and the non obligation to pay for it. We are not alone, several stations have muted that they want to provide an event in order for a small donation to the site that makes it all possible.

To all stations: We want to help too by hosting a fundraiser on any station on the platform.

For any stations interested, please reply to this thread.

Lets have fun and embrace the community

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