Thursday, 23 February 2012

DJ's ARE Important On Internet Radio

DJ's ARE Important On Internet Radio
23rd February 2012

According to a new survey presented yesterday by Edison Research, more than half of Country radio P1s have heard of Pandora. Edison also found that Country radio fans point to "live, local DJs" as one of AM/FM's "big advantages" over Internet radio (read jukeboxes like Pandora, Spotify, etc). "DJs, in my opinion, are the only real competitive advantage we have [in terrestrial radio]," said Edison's Larry Rosin.

Larry is right, people like hearing a local DJ. The likes of Pandora, Spotify, MOG, Rdio are really an online MP3 player like your iPod or Zune. Where Larry is wrong is that there are services like KryKey Internet Radio which has radio stations with DJ's just like Terrestrial radio.

This is where KryKey stands out from the crowd of online music streaming services as radio stations on KryKey can add that personal human connection with a DJ who can speak, interact (via the chat room and call DJ button) with their listeners. 

Currently there are thousands of web radio stations all across the world on - there is bound to be one even in your language. Plus all radio stations stream at 320K - the highest quality on the internet.

Talk shows are a strong feature on many of them, like Dmnarc Radio in New England USA. Indie music being played giving up and coming artists airplay, like UNIR1 Radio in New York USA. Top 40 music updated each week being played on radio stations such as London Web Radio (London, UK) or OZ Radio (Sydney, Australia). Egyptian music on radio stations such as The King Mounir (Cairo, Egypt). Dance music on radio stations such as My Fantasy Radio (Milan, Italy) or Synth Express (Sao Paulo, Brazil). Information radio stations like Windows Phone Radio (San Francisco, USA). DJ radio stations such as DJ Wez G (Caldicot, UK) or DJ Jem (Heraklion, Greece). In fact you name a country and there is probably a KryKey Radio Station there!

Tune in to one of the web radio stations by going to and use the search link to find a web radio station in your country or in the genre you like.

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