Tuesday, 17 April 2012

I (heart) KryKey Competition

The I (heart) KryKey Competition will start on May 1st 2012 and anyone can play* to win one of the new 'black' KryKey t-shirts as seen in this post. Competition will run until May 31st 2012 or until we have no shirts left (only 50 available)*.

  • It is very easy, print out the "I (heart) KryKey" on paper (must be in color), stand in front of a well know place in your area (example: London could be Big Ben, New York could be Brooklyn Bridge), take a photo and email it in to us with your name, location of photo (also supply postal address and t-shirt size)
  • That is it! Simple! When we get the photo (please send a good quality in focus photo), we will send you one of the new 'black' KryKey t-shirts.
  • You can download the graphic in 2 formats, PDF or PNG at www.KryKey.net/ILoveKryKey.PDF or www.KryKey.net/ILoveKryKey.png

  • The photos will be added as a montage at the end of the new video being created which shows the new KryKey v3.0 and will be posted on a new Pinterest Board
  • The coolest photo as voted by the viewers will also win a 'I Love KryKey' Baseball Cap and 'I Love KryKey' Gym Bag.
  • The KryKey Radio Station that gets the most people to enter will be win a 'I Love KryKey' Gym Bag - please add in your email the radio station you like to listen to on KryKey
Download the graphic today,
print it out and take that photo
and send to


  • Only 50 (fifty) 'black KryKey' t-shirts available in the sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.
  • Photos must : be in focus and of high quality, include the person, the landmark and the 'I Love KryKey graphic' to be eligible and in color (photo and graphic)
  • Photos sent via email (ILoveKryKey@KryKey.com) must have name and postal address and t-shirt size and what radio station you listen to on the KryKey network
  • Competition starts May 1 2012 and ends May 31 2012 (or until t-shirts run out)
  • No age limit (photos of anyone under 18 must have their parents permission)
  • Only one winner from any one landmark
  • All photos remain the property of KryKey Internet Radio
  • All details of sender, including name and postal address will be deleted after competition
  • NO photoshop fakes
  • Photos and details will be accepted before May 1st, but t-shirts cannot be sent until May 1 and after


  1. Your link for the PNG is missing the 1st "W" just thought I would bring that to your attention. No biggie, I just copied and pasted the whole thing but the link doesn't work.

  2. Cool, you fixed that link quick! LOL!

  3. sounds like a winner faye rock