Friday, 4 May 2012

Voices Requried

Voices Required
4th May 2012

Do you have a great voice? Are you a male or female? Can you say  a word or string a few together? Want to be heard worldwide? 

If you have answered yes to all the above, then KryKey is now looking for people to help in the production of promos/dj drops that we offer radio stations on the KryKey network to use/play.

Every week we add new ones to the KryKey Forum ( for radio stations on the KryKey network to download and use/play.

All we do is send you an email with a list of words and phrases to say - you can record on any computer (Windows actually has a sound recorder in the accessories section). We then add them to our new library and make promos/dj drops with them.

We are looking for people in ALL countries to say these words in English OR their native language

Interested? Contact us today via

(please note: this is volunteer work and there is no payment involved, but we will list you as the voice) 320K Streaming 24/7

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