Thursday, 20 September 2012

Cyber Warfare - The Battle To Be Heard

Cyber Warfare - The Battle To Be Heard
20th September 2012

This week we had two groups in one country battling out to be heard using KryKey as their preferred tool. It even got to a stage where one group manipulated the other group and got their sign in details of the radio station and used the line in button to broadcast over the radio stations content.

So the country is Libya.

One group is the current supporters of the regime that removed Qaddafi and the other group are Qaddafi supporters. The former had their radio station sign in details compromised and the latter took over their broadcast.

The simple fix was for the compromised radio station to change their email address and password on the radio station.

So there you have it, the first cyber warfare battle on KryKey was conducted.

Now lets hope they just keep to themselves and use their radio stations to voice their opinions, after all, is all about "giving people a voice" and the right to "freedom of speech".

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