Saturday, 22 September 2012

KryKey On Pinterest

KryKey On Pinterest
22nd October 2012

KryKey ( has a ever growing presence on Pinterest (, with 14 boards :

  • KryKey Internet Radio Stations - radio stations on KryKey pinned to this board. most are radio stations that have enhanced web sites.
  • KryKey T-Shirts - see who is wearing a KryKey T-shirt around the world
  • KryKey Videos - video testimonials and other KryKey videos
  • KryKey Help Videos - all our help videos in one spot
  • KryKey Blog - after we blog, we add it to this board
  • KryKey DJ's - DJ's on KryKey send us their photos and we pin them to this board
  • KryKey & Artists - if an singer, band is using KryKey to play their music we pin the site here
  • KryKey Facebook - radio stations that have a Facebook presence are pinned here
  • KryKey Badges - photos of KryKey badges
  • KryKey QR Codes - radio stations on KryKey and their QR codes
  • I Love KryKey - photos of people who love KryKey
  • KryKey Nations - t-shirts available with the KryKey logo and national flag
  • KryKey Memes - funny memes sent in by people are pinned here
  • #CultOfTheDaveKryKey - there is only one cult
We will be adding new boards as you think of them or as required - come and check them out at

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  1. I guess ChronicCast Radio should get on pinterst and instagram.... :-( social networking is hard...LOL...but you gotta do it. Thanks KryKey for helping ChronicCast Radio be in the running for Radio Station of the Year.....

    ChronicCast Radio - Program/Content Manager