Saturday, 15 September 2012

DJ Donny B's Dream Comes True

DJ Donny B's Dream Comes True
15th September 2012

In his own words, Donny B tells us how his dream has come true.

I am the World Famous DJ Donny B and have been in the DJ business for over 20 years, born and raised in Ft Worth, TX, I play all genres and I am a very big fan of 80's and 90's music. I now pushes a unique DJ'ing blueprint, incorporating Hip Hop techniques into the spectrum of underground independent and major artists. FORT WORTH, Texas (YN) - I am credited with helping the careers of dozens of indie artists, as I stand out by building a relationship with each artist.

My favorite album of all times is Michael Jackson's Thriller, I loves pizza, but finds beans disgusting. Not a big movie person, but I enjoy producing my own TV Show Donny B TV for over 25 years in the Dallas/Fort worth Metropolis.

Its rare to find a DJ today who pours as much love and who takes as much pride as I do in my mixes. I am the hardest working DJ alive with magical abilities with anything associated with being an InDaMixLive Radio DJ. Brace yourselves as DJ Donny B threatens to burn up your speaker systems! I am a DJ love to play music. just got my first radio station with  KryKey  web radio thanks to  KryKey  web radio. now I am a proud owner of my own 24/7 radio station. not one but 2 station with KryKey thank you KryKey web radio for making my dream come true

DJ Donny B in the USA
B93 FM Tha Hits
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