Thursday, 13 September 2012

KryKey Fulfills a Long Time Dream

KryKey Fulfills a Long Time Dream
13th September 2012

Let me tell you a story...

Many years ago.. I would have to say that the earliest would be when I was about 5 or 6.. my father took an old 45 record of an artist from the 50's to the local radio station, and they played it on the air. Within a short amount of time, calls literally POURED into the station asking to hear more of that kind of music. The station manager offered my dad a job doing it, and for the next few decades he spent every Sat night spinning tunes to thousands of area residents for 4-6 hours. His following was HUGE. And when I was growing up I would lie in bed listening to the music as I drifted off to sleep, thinking to myself "I wanna do that someday".

Fast forward a couple of decades... I had a dream of having my own DJ business..playing music for parties, etc.. but of course the cost was well beyond my means. I even tried applying to area radio stations in hopes of becoming a radio DJ.. but no luck..

Fast forward again to April,2012. I was at home, browsing the internet, looking for free radio stations to listen to online. My search turned up a site called, that offered people the chance to create their very own radio station online, FOR FREE. 

So, seeing this as my chance to finally do what I had always wanted, I brought my son on board and we uploaded a bunch of hard rock and metal songs to the library, did some quick advertising here on FB, and went live with the show. We had a blast, and made some new friends along the way.

But, I didnt stop there.. I decided to create a website, a group on FB, and a separate FB page for the show. But my biggest thrill was yet to come, when I signed up for Twitter..

People started following the tweets.. including some up-and-coming rock stars in the business. We received station liners promoting the show from 2 artists, and more are on the way. We become very close friends with the band Motion Device from Canada, and even though our listener numbers on the live shows are weak, we have a 24/7 playlist that brings in hundreds of listeners each week. 

So when people tell you that dreams don't come true, tell them to come look at my post.. because my dream is a reality. Yeah, we don't make any money doing this, but we made friends... lots of friends. And that's one hell of a paycheck.. :)

Tim H in the USA
Headbanger's Cafe
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  1. Great to hear its all working out well Tim. Being in the internet radio industry can certainly be difficult to make money as you say but the most rewarding part about it is the contacts and friends you will meet along the way. I had the same with many stations though giving up and now we host other stations. So if you need any help with that let me know

    Kind Regards
    Jamie (UK)

  2. Excellent story....Most of us do this for the love of the music and wanting to share our likes and loves....which is reward in itself when we can get a response....

    Keep it up
    ChronicCast Radio