Thursday, 20 December 2012

The KryKey Memories 2012

The KryKey Memories 2012
20th December 2012

With the 'potential' as some say 'end-of-the-world tomorrow, we thought it would be great to look back on 2012 - these are the KryKey Memories 2012 . . . .

  • The month of May saw the start of the steep growth pattern which has saw month-by-month double digit % growth in radio stations and listeners
  • The stream quality was fine tuned and sounded better
  • The 25,000 radio stations level was crossed
  • The 10 million a month level was crossed
  • v3.0 in development
2013 will see v3.0 go live which will transform the access to self quality broadcasting and transform how that broadcast access is applied globally. It is going to be exciting, hang on for the ride!

Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year from all of us at KryKey

Dave KryKey

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