Saturday, 8 December 2012

Who Has The Best Radio Station Page On KryKey?

Who Has The Best Radio Station Page On KryKey?
8th December 2012

Each radio station on has their own radio station page which is completely configurable and where the owner can add graphics to enhance and promote their radio station.

Some on the network look just damn awful as the owner hasn't done anything to make them look good, however others are slick and awesome.

So with that in mind we are holding a competition in which we will see who has the best radio station page on the network.

So to be nominated, send the radio station name & address to and we will take a screen shot and add it to a new photo album on our Facebook Fan page and the radio station with the most "likes" will win - it is that simple to be in it!

What will the winner win? They will win a KryKey Merchandise Package of a KryKey Black T-Shirt, a KryKey Cap and a Coffee Mug with their Radio station logo on it.

Enter now and the competition ends on December 15th 2012.