Tuesday, 16 July 2013

KryKey News 16th July 2013

KryKey has been busy, busy, busy over the last few months and our blogging has been pathetic, and most likely will be for a few months on :) but don't despair, you can catch us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on what we are doing.

We reached 55,000 radio stations two weeks ago and with now over 27M listeners to them we have had to unfortunately stop any new radio stations for the foreseeable future to make sure existing stations and their listeners get the best quality. We are working on a solution which we think we can implement by August 2013 and allow more new stations to be created.

But you can get a radio station which is even better as it has:

  • a higher stream quality (over 320K), 
  • unlimited listeners, 
  • unlimited bandwidth, 
  • unlimited streaming hours,
  • unlimited storage for your content,
  • domain name and yearly renewal (.com/net/us only),
  • enhanced web site designed & created,
  • hosting for enhanced site,
  • one email address with 1Gb of storage and web based access,
  • very, very limited radio station numbers,
  • once a month stream restarts only if required for security updates,
  • mobile phone access - phone apps coming soon,
  • support group with max 6 hour response times
  • radiostationname.KryKeyPremium.com address
  • and more which we can't think about right now :) 
The KryKey Premium Network has a very, very limited and exclusive number of stations that are available. Stations have to 'apply' to join and if selected then there is a US$30 membership fee (yearly) and a US$25 per month station usage fee. Interested? then contact the KPN via premium@KryKey.com. 

When people leave our service they ask us to remove their radio station and we remove all their details and these stations are available for use. They are listed when you do a search and displayed as "1 - RECLAIMED STATION" - there will be a small fee to claim one of these stations of US$10 - if you would like one of these stations email us and just ask!

You have seen the graphic at the top of this post and we have ordered only '100' of these dark blue with yellow graphics t-shirts and they will again be free! All we ask is you send in a photo of yourself in it so we can post on our interesting KryKey T-Shirt Pinterest Board (click here to see it). As usual this USD$20 t-shirt is yours FREE and you will need to pay (via our PayPal account) the postage which is between US$5-US$8 depending on your country.

You can now have you station listed in one of these sections on the front page of KryKey.com for a small US$25 a month fee.

If you are leaving, please email us your request to remove your details (and station) and the sign-in details. As a precaution to make sure of ownership we ask for the sign-in details with each request.

KryKey radio stations can access our forum (click here) and find hundreds of pre-recorded promo-tional clips (jingles / drops) for use on their station and can be uploaded to their 'promo' library. New ones added each month.

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